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The final GSAS (formerly known as QSAS) certificate will only be issued upon completion of Construction indicating the final GSAS star rating achieved by the project’s designs as a whole. GSAS Certification Management service is provided by Qatar Green Leaders as a licensed GSAS Service Provider, in collaboration with the main consultant’s teams. Qatar Green Leaders shall be engaged with the main consultant during the pre-contract design stage in order to carry-out the GSAS-Design Review to obtain the GSAS-Design Provisional Certificate or Letter of Conformance (LoC) from GORD.

Upon commencement of construction, Qatar Green Leaders may be engaged with the construction team(s) to handle the certification process during construction. This will ensure proper implemntation of GSAS requirements leading to obtaining the Final GSAS Certificate.

To earn the final GSAS Certificate, the project will undergo the assessment process in 8 stages:

Design Phase - GSAS

Obtaining a Letter of Conformance (LOC) from GORD


Assessment Stage:

This initial assessment is used to determine how the Concept Design of the building compares with the GSAS requirements. A preliminary scorecard (GSAS Toolkit) will be established to set a goal of certification targeting the required star rating.

Registration/ Preliminary Review Stage:

In this phase the GSAS-PM registers the project and assigns criteria to design team members, and the team members submit documentation the GSAS-PM for Preliminary Review. The GSAS-PM will then submit the completed documents to GORD.

Preliminary Verification:

During Preliminary Verification, the Certifying Authority (GORD) reviews all resubmitted criteria and assigns the project an overall score. For any requirements not adequately met during Preliminary Verification, the credit for that criterion will be revoked and the score will be recalculated.

Preliminary Certification:

Upon the Certifying Authority’s completion of Preliminary Verification and final project score assignment, the project enters the Preliminary Certification Phase. Based on the submitted documents and the results of the verification, GORD will issue a Letter of Conformance (LoC) stating the anticipated GSAS-Star Rating.

Construction Phase - GSAS

Obtaining the Final GSAS Certificate & Plaque


Construction Inspection (Conformance to Design Audit)

Upon receiving Letter of Conformance, QGL shall coordinate with the construction team to collect and prepare relevant data from the construction site. During construction, GSAS Trust shall conduct a number of routine and random inspections which shall be facilitated by Qatar Green Leaders.

Final Submission

After construction is complete, project will resubmit certain requirements to ensure the initial criteria submittals are consistent with the final built environment. All criteria labeled “Resubmit” will require new file submissions in addition to documents that may have changed after the issuance of the LoC.

Final Verification

During Final Review, GSAS Trust (the reviewing authority) reviews all resubmitted criteria and assigns the project an overall score. For any requirements not adequately met during Final Review, the credit for that criterion will be revoked and the score will be recalculated.

Final Certification

Upon successful completion of design inspection & final submission, completion letter and plaque of recognition shall be issued to the project, for having conformed to the performance set forth in the GSAS design assessment manual and the final GSAS star rating achieved by the project.

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