BIM - Building Information Modeling

A well structured BIM is a key to achieve success in the Building Design and Construction process. Qatar Green Leaders BIM specialists can professionally create very complex BIM models characterized by precisely organized information and parameters. The extensive experience in multidisciplinary BIM modeling allows our team to cretae, rationalize and optimize all the elements in your projects in order to get the highest quality BIM model.


“BIM is the act of creating an electronic model of a facility for the purpose of visualization, engineering analysis, conflict analysis, code checking criteria, cost engineering, as-built product, budgeting and many other purposes.” In the field of Construction Industry, the BIM process adds great value to the project, optimizing the way in which data and information are exchanged, reducing the execution time of projects and improving the prediction of costs.

National Building Information Modeling Standards


The building as a digital model is continuously implemented and interrogated to generate and extract data and information.


All project information & data are organized in a digital database to facilitate / accelerate exchange and understanding.


The elements constituting the project are modeled in coordinated 3-dimensions and contain geometric and technical information.

Benefits of Implementing BIM Process in Construction...


BIM is currently adopted in Qatar by most most of governmental & public organizations.


If done right, BIM process helps project teams reduce conflicts during construction.

Cost Optimization

BIM process ensures better control over project inputs & outputs, leading to better cost optimization.


BIM helps a multi-disciplinary team better understand inputs and outputs of their projects.


By increasing the Quality of design outputs, BIM process helps reduce change orders.


Having well-coordinted and clash-free project outputs helps reduce the number of received RFI's.


BIM is a seamlessly integrated process that guarantees the best Quality of project outcomes.


Get quicker approvals of your design information, by implementing BIM process!


BIM provides real-time project visualiztion which augment the process of decsion making.

BIM Services - AutoDesk REVIT


BIM can be utilized as a key project control tool. Our unique approach focuses on providing and enhancing the information workflow you need from the moment the designs are being initiated, all the way down to constructability and execution. We firmly believe that BIM is primarily a strategy that must be aligned with the overall management strategy of your company. Whether you are an HVAC contractor set on leveraging your BIM to align prefabrication with installation priorities, or are a general contractor in need of balancing different resource assignments while maintaining progress and schedule objectives, we can be your BIM partners.
Qatar Green Leaders BIM Consulting & Training Services are specifically tailored for building design & construction process. We empower you with BIM services that support your requirements, constraints and construction sequence. Based on AutoDesk Revit, our BIM Consulting Service covers the following areas:

  • 3D Modeling (Architectural, Structural, MEP, Interior)
  • LOD 100 to LOD 400
  • Generation of 2D Drawings
  • 3D Coordination
  • 4D Construction Scheduling
  • 5D Construction Scheduling
  • 5D Cost Simulation
  • Labour, Material, Equipment Cost Modeling
  • Quantity Take Off
  • Cost Estimation
  • Content Creation
  • Developing BIM execution plans
  • Creation and breakdown of models that support your requirements at various project phases
  • Support of procurement operations
  • Developing professional high quality presentations and photo-realistic images
  • Assist in value engineering studies
  • Establish visual reporting and querying systems
  • Provide professional assistance in finalizing the material selection task and develop digital mockups
  • Develop visual simulations for construction method statements
BIM Training: Beginners & Advanced
  • Revit Architecture
  • Revit Structure
  • Revit MEP
  • Revit Interior
  • Daylighting Analysis
  • Sustainable Materials
  • Sustainable Site Development
  • Climate Analysis
  • Environmental Air Quality
  • Renewable Energy
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Water Conversation & Harvesting
  • Passive Heating

Our Scope of BIM Services

We offer cost effective BIM services with the help of our professional team of Revit Certified Professionals & Experts. We create high quality construction documents, building information models and visualizations according to the market industry standards by working closely with architects, consultant engineers and building contractors.


CAD to BIM Conversion:

We can convert standard/traditional AutoCAD drawings into a full-featured BIM model using AutoDesk REVIT. This also helps in generating quantities from the 3D BIM architectural model.

BIM 3D Modeling:

Creating a precise BIM 3D model helps our clients make informed decisions regarding project design at earlier stages and solve design issues before they become costly.

BIM Coordination:

Well coordinated BIM model & project information ensures cost and time saving by providing a clear picture of the project and reduces possible errors during the construction process.

BIM Drafting:

As a result of increasing significance and applications of BIM to meet various construction requirements, the demand of BIM drafting to ensure excellent BIM services is increasing nowadays.

BIM Clash Detection:

To help our clients minimize risk of design discrepancies, we provide efficient identification, inspection and reporting of interference clashes with our effective clash detection services using AutoDesk Revit.

BIM Family Creation:

We provide efficient BIM family creation services that encompass various services including structure family creation, architecture family creation, Revit family creation, MEP family creation etc.

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