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As members of USGBC and GORD and registered GSAS Service Providers, Qatar Green Leaders is taking advantage of the qualifications and the long track record of its team members to help achieve the green building goals and sustainability vision of its clients. We have developed the tools and methodologies that ensure a seamless integration and timely compliance with LEED and/or GSAS requirement with the minimum cost implication.

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GSAS Certification Management


The final GSAS (formerly known as QSAS) certificate will only be issued upon completion of Construction indicating the final GSAS star rating achieved by the project’s designs as a whole. GSAS Certification Management service is provided by Qatar Green Leaders as a licensed GSAS Service Provider, in collaboration with the main consultant’s teams. Qatar Green Leaders shall be engaged with the main consultant during the pre-contract design stage in order to carry-out the GSAS-Design Review to obtain the GSAS-Design Provisional Certificate or Letter of Conformance (LoC) from GORD.

Upon commencement of construction, Qatar Green Leaders may be engaged with the construction team(s) to handle the certification process during construction. This will ensure proper implemntation of GSAS requirements leading to obtaining the Final GSAS Certificate.

To earn the final GSAS Certificate, the project will undergo the assessment process in 8 stages:

Design Phase - GSAS

Obtaining a Letter of Conformance (LOC) from GORD


Assessment Stage:

This initial assessment is used to determine how the Concept Design of the building compares with the GSAS requirements. A preliminary scorecard (GSAS Toolkit) will be established to set a goal of certification targeting the required star rating.

Registration/ Preliminary Review Stage:

In this phase the GSAS-PM registers the project and assigns criteria to design team members, and the team members submit documentation the GSAS-PM for Preliminary Review. The GSAS-PM will then submit the completed documents to GORD.

Preliminary Verification:

During Preliminary Verification, the Certifying Authority (GORD) reviews all resubmitted criteria and assigns the project an overall score. For any requirements not adequately met during Preliminary Verification, the credit for that criterion will be revoked and the score will be recalculated.

Preliminary Certification:

Upon the Certifying Authority’s completion of Preliminary Verification and final project score assignment, the project enters the Preliminary Certification Phase. Based on the submitted documents and the results of the verification, GORD will issue a Letter of Conformance (LoC) stating the anticipated GSAS-Star Rating.

Construction Phase - GSAS

Obtaining the Final GSAS Certificate & Plaque


Construction Inspection (Conformance to Design Audit)

Upon receiving Letter of Conformance, QGL shall coordinate with the construction team to collect and prepare relevant data from the construction site. During construction, GSAS Trust shall conduct a number of routine and random inspections which shall be facilitated by Qatar Green Leaders.

Final Submission

After construction is complete, project will resubmit certain requirements to ensure the initial criteria submittals are consistent with the final built environment. All criteria labeled “Resubmit” will require new file submissions in addition to documents that may have changed after the issuance of the LoC.

Final Verification

During Final Review, GSAS Trust (the reviewing authority) reviews all resubmitted criteria and assigns the project an overall score. For any requirements not adequately met during Final Review, the credit for that criterion will be revoked and the score will be recalculated.

Final Certification

Upon successful completion of design inspection & final submission, completion letter and plaque of recognition shall be issued to the project, for having conformed to the performance set forth in the GSAS design assessment manual and the final GSAS star rating achieved by the project.

LEED Certification Management

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a voluntary, consensus-based, market­-driven program that provides third-party verification of green buildings. From individual buildings and homes, to entire neighborhoods and communities, LEED is transforming the way built environments are designed, constructed, and operated. Comprehensive and flexible, LEED addresses the entire lifecycle of a building. LEED provides building owners and operators the tools they need to immediately impact their building’s performance and bottom line, while providing healthy indoor spaces for a building’s occupants.

The entire process of certification is managed by GBCI (Green Business Certification Inc.) through a web interface portal known as LEED Online. All communication with GBCI occurs through this online portal. There is no in-person meetings/reviews/inspections scheduled for the LEED rating system. Project teams are expected to use LEED Online to compile all documentation information, which can then be submitted to GBCI for certification reviews. The certification process is administered by GBCI through an independent 3rd-party submission & review process. However, all communication and approvals occur via LEED-Online with GBCI directly.

The scope of services that can be provided is dpendent on many aspects and shall be considered on a cas-by-cas basis. However, Qatar Green Leaders is capable of providing the following scope:

LEED Facilitation Service

Providing LEED Administration & Design Integration for Project Developers...


LEED Integrative Process Management

During pre-design and early design stages, Qatar Green Leaders may be engaged with design team(s) to provide Integrated Green Building Consultancy Services including LEED Certification Facilitation, Energy Simulation and Commissioning documentation support.



  • Provide credit responsibility matrix identifying project team’s role and responsibility to achieve the targeted LEED rating.
  • Prepare and provide all necessary templates to the project team, in order to meet LEED requirements.
  • Carry out review meetings; as required, for LEED rating.



  • Update the responsibility matrix identifying project team’s role and responsibility to achieve the targeted LEED rating on monthly basis.
  • Prepare and provide all necessary templates to the project team, in order to meet LEED
  • Carry out review meetings; as required, for LEED



  • Update the responsibility matrix identifying project team’s role and responsibility to achieve the targeted LEED rating on monthly basis.
  • Prepare and provide all necessary templates to the project team, in order to meet LEED
  • Carry out review meetings; as required, for LEED
  • Facilitate the project design team to advice on materials/equipment to meet the LEED
  • Provide assistance in identifying suppliers/vendors for the project to meet targeted LEED



  1. Ensure the design criteria and details claimed in the LEED submittals at Design Stage are incorporated by the Contractor during construction.
  2. Perform any iteration required in the design to achieve or maintain the targeted LEED
  3. Provide LEED Construction Guidelines for the Contractor to follow (e.g. Responsibility matrix, materials review forms & procedures, ),
  4. Prepare all required supporting documentation and calculations for Materials Category, for regional materials, low VOC emitting materials, design for disassembly etc..
  5. Manage, review and verify completeness of supporting documentation of all LEED requirements of the credits targeted for the project for all the the credits.
  6. Prepare Templates and Guidance Notes for Contractor’s Progress Reports and other submittals to demonstrate compliance with LEED
  7. Review the progress of LEED Strategy implementation by preparing and issuing monthly LEED progress reports.
  8. Perform, review and approve any revisions to LEED submittals or Calculators by way of update due to deviations from IFC documentation and assess their impacts on the expected 'Final Review'.



  1. Carry out review meeting to advise project teams on the Final LEED
  2. Prepare the Final Commissioning Plan, Measurement & Verification Plan and associated Commissioning Reports for LEED Final Submission.
  3. Prepare review documents in consultation with the project team for final submission to Green Building Council for award of LEED Final certification documentation for the
  4. Co-ordinate with the project team to prepare drawings & documents required to submit for LEED Final Certification
  5. Prepare and provide necessary templates to the project team, in order to meet LEED Final Certification requirements.
  6. Filter, cross validate, verify consistency, add value and consolidate to make the documentation suitable for submission to Green Building Council.
  7. Review the LEED Final Certification documents before submission to the US Green Building
  8. Provide inputs on LEED review as well as Credit Interpretation Requests.

Design Phase - LEED

Providing LEED Administration & Certification Facilitation Services for the Design Team(s)

Initial Assessment Phase:

Qatar Green Leaders
as LEED Consultants will deliver an Initial Assessment Report during the Pre-Design and Concept Design Stages, considering the following:
  • Review the concept design for LEED certification requirements
  • Identify/verify prerequisites, MPR and credits the project potentially may achieve based on the current design and clarify what needs to be changed/amended where non-compliance is an issue to achieve the required credits
  • Evaluation of “unlikely” and “non-applicable” credits
  • Verify the appropriate and achievable LEED certificate level to be targeted
  • Determine a schedule for LEED process and establish milestone dates
  • Prepare LEED checklist for assessing each credit and assigning LEED credits to the design team members
  • Prepare and submit Concept Design Sustainability Report, including LEED Action Plans Report
  • Review changes in design and coordinate with the project designer/consultant and the owner towards reaching the design that achieves the targeted credits within the least cost associated with such changes
LEED Project Registration Phase:

  • Register the project with GBCI
  • Qatar Green Leaders as the project LEED consultant shall handle the Online Registration Fees, Submittals and Certification Fees to GBCI (Green Building Certification Institute) as well as application fees for Credit Interpretation Rulings (CIR’s) and appeals.
  • Collect, review, and approve all documentation provided from the design/construction team and ensure it is in the appropriate LEED format.
  • File all questions and submit credit interpretations to the GBCI (Green Building Certification Institute).
LEED Project Administration Phase:

Qatar Green Leaders
as the project LEED consultant will provide a team administered by a LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP) to manage and deliver the LEED process of the project during the design/construction stage and LEED certification submission and approval by the GBCI, with the following provisional services:
  • Conduct regular LEED workshops in progress of the project design.
  • Assist the design, construction team and the owner in attaining LEED certification for the identified project as per the requirements of the U.S. Green Buildings Council (USGBC).
  • Administer LEED Online; review and verify all documentation and online submittals to the GBCI, ensuring that the LEED Certification process is followed through effective management and technical assistance to the project teams as well as proper documentation submission to the GBCI (Green Building Certification Institute).
  • Provide LEED Requirement Compliance Guidelines for the design team to be incorporated into the project specifications for meeting LEED goals.
  • Establish a regular LEED communication channel with all project team members required to participate. Provide action items/agreement notes
  • Provide LEED point tracking in all project phases.
  • Where appropriate, during the course of the project, suggest improvements to the owner design guidelines reflecting LEED considerations
  • Chair LEED team meetings and provide action item summary for the same
  • Coordinate specialized services from consultants such as day lighting studies, acoustics ... These services shall be reimbursed from the client if found to be required after contract negotiations with the third party providers
  • Manage the post-submission and GBCI reviews and re-submittal process, if required for up to one re-submittal.
  • Prepare and submit a Detailed Design Sustainability Report
Energy Model:

Qatar Green Leaders
as a LEED Consultant will provide an Energy Model in compliance with LEED requirements. In order to document the different design approaches (including changes to building massing and envelope) and the impact on operational costs, the A/E shall provide analyses, energy models and/or iterative updates of the project’s energy model before design development phase, at mid-construction documents phase and a final energy model at 100 percent construction documents phase.

Construction Phase - LEED

Providing LEED Technical Support & Implementation Guidance for Construction Team(s)...

LEED Construction Consultancy for Contractors

General Scope of Services
  • Qatar Green Leaders provides professional & technical support to the construction team, enabling them to implement LEED requirements in the project construction during the stages of works; in accordance with tender documents.
  • Qatar Green Leaders works with the main contractor to monitor any demolishing/excavation works & collect data about construction waste and oversee the implementation the ESC (Erosion & Sedimentation Control) Plan, in accordance with LEED® Requirements. The collected data will then be verified by the LEED Technical Support team provided by QGL & submitted to the Main LEED Consultant (LEED® Facilitator) designated by the client.
  • Qatar Green Leaders works with the main contractor to monitor the Construction works & collect data about construction materials & waste. The collected data will then be verified & submitted to the Main LEED Consultant (LEED Facilitator) designated by the client.
  • Qatar Green Leaders ensures that all works carried out by the CONTRACTOR is to comply with prerequisites & credits of the LEED rating system which fall under the scope of work of the main contractor, and is to achieve LEED credits as set out in the LEED specification (LEED-Gold level certification).
LEED-Specific Scope of Services

LEED Documentation Facilitation for Contractors

LEED Submittals

Qatar Green Leaders’ LEED Champion will work with the main contractor to submit additional LEED submittal requirements, which may be included in other sections of the Specifications. CONTRACTOR’s submittals shall include the following:

  1. Certifications
  2. Shop drawings, cut sheets and data sheets
  3. Letter of confirmation
  4. Material/work spreadsheets
  5. Information for materials containing recycled content
  6. Information for materials containing regionally extracted content
  7. Information on low-emitting (low VOC) materials
  • Adhesive & Sealants
  • Paints & Coatings
  • Carpets
  • Composite Wood & Agrifiber
LEED Action Plans

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