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A number of our featured projects has been nominated to different green building and sustainability awards. Though not easy, getting a project awarded is an amazing moment that crowns long days of hard work. This would never happen without the support of all our clients and collaborators.

2016 Qatar Sustainability Awards Nominations


Hermas Business Park


Marina Yacht Club


Residential Complex FV01

And, the Green Commercial Building Award goes to....

Marina Yacht Club - Lusail

GSAS Performance Criteria

The performance of the Marina Yacht Club project has been assessed using GSAS (Global Sustainability Assessment System) version 2.0. Through an intensive GSAS application submission and review process, various achievements have been verified (score achieved as pecentage of available maximum score of each category) as shown in the bar diagram.

GSAS Scheme
Overal GSAS achievement
[UC] Urban Connectivity96%
[S] Site48%
[E] Energy33%
[W] Water100%
[M] Materials8%
[IE] Indoor Environment56%
[CE] Culture & Economic Value60%
[MO] Management & Operation83%
* Percentage of meeting GSAS criteria scores per category

The Award Ceremony

The Award Ceremony was held at Hilton Doha Hotel on 14 November 2016.

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