The U.K. blockchain company Energi Mine came out with a big partnership announcement in August. Every week of the month, the firm said, it would be announcing a new partnership. Why the fuss? Much of it has to do with the state of the energy blockchain market.

Early movers such as Energi Mine, which rewards users for saving energy, mostly have money in the bank, thanks to initial coin offerings. Now have to show they mean business as more entrants crowd the market.

Since the blockchain platforms take time to perfect, it’s important to find third parties that can help each startup develop proof-of-concept projects and

The electricity sector is changing quickly. But transportation is making up a bigger share of carbon emissions — which means that zero-carbon commitments like California’s will have to tackle the mass electrification of cars, trucks, buses and other vehicles.  

The companies competing for the future market in replacing gas stations with EV chargers are eager to play their part. 

This week’s Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco saw cities, utilities and startups make new pledges for expanding EV charging infrastructure.

The Climate Group and C40 Cities groups announced Friday that the week saw 26 cities, states, regions and businesses add their names to various clean

A searing drought is putting heat on the new Australian government’s apparent disdain for decarbonization policies.

Agriculture minister David Littleproud was blasted after he dismissed the cause of dry weather crippling the east of the country, saying on national television that he doesn’t “give a rat’s if it’s manmade or not.”

At the end of August, meanwhile, the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology said one of the warmest winters on record was due to last three months. “The outlook is not great news for farmers in drought-impacted parts of the country,” said the bureau in a press release

Although the release did

California must build housing closer to transit and jobs, and wring carbon from new and existing buildings, if the state is to meet its ambitious climate targets.

That was the message delivered by a high-level panel at a Global Climate Action Summit side event convened in San Francisco on Wednesday by Climate Resolve, a Los Angeles-based non-profit.

Top of mind for the panel was California Governor Jerry Brown’s signatures earlier in the week on SB 100, requiring the state to achieve 100 percent carbon-free electricity, and an executive order establishing a carbon neutrality target, both by 2045. The

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