Our Mission

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Our mission is to help our clients create a sustainable built environment that ensures a better quality of life for present and future generations.

We are dedicated to accomplish this mission by providing the best sustainable building design management & training services in the region.

Our Vision

Successfully incorporating sustainable design strategies into building projects can be challenging. With the right partner, these strategies don’t have to add substantial cost or time to the design, tender and construction process. An effective, sustainably designed project requires much more than just documents and methodology. It requires a Whole System Sustainability Approach based on an in-depth understanding of green building practices and technologies. As LEED & GSAS specialists, we devote the time necessary to stay current with this rigorous, emerging industry programs and the changing market landscape. Our team of LEED & GSAS experts helps every step of the way.

Qatar Green Leaders

Our Core Values


We always work with enthusiasm, talent and quality in order to propose the best and most effective sustainable solutions to our clients. When it comes to excellence, we never compromise!


We are committed to supporting a change in the mindset of our clients towards a complete market transformation from traditional building to green and sustainable building.


Our commitment, respect & dedication to people and to our planet are the foundation of everything we do. We deliver on time, on schedule and always exceed our client's expectation.


We are constantly creating new strategies that solve multiple problems, leverage existing resources and provide added value to the building. We always ensure that we are ahead of others.

About us...

Qatar Green Leaders is a Green Building Certification Management & Training Company, dedicated to helping its clients achieve the most feasible LEED / GSAS certification.

We are a privately-owned Qatari company established in June 2011 and operating from Doha, Qatar.

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