A BIG Thank You to All our Clients!

2016 was a delightful year to Qatar Green Leaders. We have gained more recognition in the Green Building market, which was crowned by receiving a number of remarkable awards from two reputable organizations in Qatar. This great achievement would never happen without the trust and support granted to us by  all our clients.

لقد كان 2016 عاماً مبهجاً لشركة قطر جرين ليدرز، حيث اكتسبنا المزيد من التقدير في مجال المباني الخضراء، والذي توجه حصولنا على عدد من الجوائز الرائعة من اثنتين من المؤسسات المرموقة في قطر. هذا من الانجاز الكبير لم يكن ليحدث بدون الثقة والدعم الكبيرين الممنوحين لنا من قبل جميع عملائنا.

Today, as we are so proud and happy to be recognized for Sustainability Excellence, we renew our commitment & dedication to our current & future clients. And, we just need to tell you cordially:

Thank you very much for being part of our SUCCESS!

اليوم، ونحن فخورون جدا وسعداء بهذا التقدير العظيم لتميزنا في مجال الاستدامة، فإننا نجدد التزامنا وتفانينا من أجل خدمة عملائنا الحاليين والمستقبليين. كما يسعدنا أن نقول لكم من كل قلوبنا:

شكراً جزيلاً لكونكم أحد أسباب نجاحنا


Green Commercial Building Award - 2016

by: Qatar Green Building Council (QGBC)

Qatar Green Building Council (QGBC) has recognized our project "Marina Yacht Club" as a "Green Commercial Building" for "Qatar Sustainability Award 2016". The ceremony was held in Doha Hilton on Monday, 14 November 2016.


Sustainability Advocacy Award - 2016

by: Gulf Organisation for Research & Development (GORD)

Gulf Organization for Research & Development (GORD) has recognized our Projects Director, Mrs. Eman Awad Farag as a "Sustainability Advocate" for her commitment to the Sustainability of the Built Environment. The recognition was given during the "Green Expo Forum 2016" held in Ritz Carlton Doha on Wednesday, 9 November 2016.


Sustainability Excellence Award - 2016

by: Gulf Organisation for Research & Development (GORD)

GORD (Gulf Organization for Research and Development) also recognized Qatar Green Leaders for "Sustainability Excellence" under GSAS Service Providers Category, for demonstration of initiatives to support the sustainability of the built environment. The recognition was given during the "Green Expo Forum 2016" held in Ritz Carlton Doha on 9 November 2016.


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Qatar Green Leaders is a Green Building Certification Management & Training Company, dedicated to helping its clients achieve the most feasible LEED / GSAS certification.

We are a privately-owned Qatari company established in June 2011 and operating from Doha, Qatar.

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