Are We Serious aboiut GREEN?

This article was published in January 2015 Edition of Qatar Construction Sites Magazine.


It seems that everybody became suddenly interested in "GREEN" to the extent that the word "GREEN" started to lose its meaning!
Today, Green is the easiest word to express your interest in achieving "sustainability" goals, if any. It has become a magic word to promote anything and everything, from cosmetics to aircrafts and from hospitality to heavy industries.

"Green" Education, Now!

In this article I will explore the areas of overlap between sustainability (as a common theme usually referred to as "green"); and education (as an essential foundation of the collective awareness of the community). There are many aspects that can be addressed when it comes to "Green Education" which may require a series of articles. However, the context of this issue of Qatar Construction Sites necessitates the specific relation between construction and education of the construction industry professionals.

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