The Trump administration presented a $4.1 trillion budget for fiscal year 2018 today, which includes $3.6 trillion in spending cuts over the next 10 years in an attempt to balance the budget by 2027. In addition to deep cuts for health care, student loans and food stamps, the White House has proposed to slash budgets for climate and clean energy programs -- despite the bipartisan support many of these initiatives enjoy. 

If approved, the Environmental Protection Agency would see the steepest cuts of any agency, with a 31.4 percent budget trim that would shutter 50 agency programs and do away with 3,200 of the agency’s

After FERC Order 745 was issued in 2011, demand response procurement increased steadily from 26 gigawatts in 2012 to 33 gigawatts at the start of 2016.

However, the effects of looming uncertainty over jurisdiction and compensation for demand response (DR) began manifesting in 2016. As a result, the total estimated DR availability in ISO/RTO territories dropped from 33 gigawatts to 31 gigawatts between Q1 2016 to Q1 2017, according to GTM Research’s latest U.S. Wholesale DER Aggregation report.

Source: FERC, GTM Research

The decline comes at a time when state- and federal-level regulation is impacting the requirements for participation in wholesale services,

It’s Official: The Government Is Moving Forward With Suniva’s Solar Trade Case

Federal trade officials are moving ahead with Suniva's controversial trade complaint, which could double the price of solar modules imported into the U.S.

In April, the bankrupt solar manufacturer filed a rare petition under Section 201 of the 1974 Trade Act, claiming that imported cells and modules had caused "significant harm" to America's solar manufacturing base. 

Suniva requested a four-year tariff schedule on crystalline-silicon solar products imported from anywhere in the world: "Thus, petitioner seeks a recommendation to the President of four years of relief of an initial duty rate on cells of $0.40/watt, along with an initial floor price on modules of $0.78/watt." Those prices

Chinese Turbine Manufacturer Goldwind Wants to Hire Out-of-Work Coal Miners

A new jobs training initiative in Wyoming seeks to bridge the gap between diminishing coal employment and booming wind technician jobs.

Goldwind Americas, the local branch of the major Chinese turbine manufacturer, is launching a free jobs training program for what the Bureau of Labor Statistics ranks as the fastest-growing job in the U.S. Wind turbine service technician employment is slated to grow 108 percent in the 10 years starting from 2014, with median wages of $52,260 in 2016.

The Goldwind Works program will tackle the demand for skilled turbine repairs alongside another national challenge: the declining fortunes of America's coal miners. The

The World’s Top Energy Companies Look to Blockchain to ‘Fuse the Physical With the Virtual’

Earlier this month Shell, Statoil, Tepco, Centrica plc and a half-dozen other energy companies joined the Energy Web Foundation (EWF), an alliance devoted to bringing blockchain to the grid.

The companies donated $2.5 million to the organization.

The Foundation was set up in February this year as a collaboration between The Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) and Australian blockchain developer Grid Singularity to “accelerate the commercial deployment of blockchain technology in the energy sector.”

The companies and organizations involved think blockchain will be a game-changer for energy, and are working together to provide the frameworks and standards to help ensure that

Siva Power Lands $25M to Chase Giga-Scale Domestic Thin-Film Solar Production

It's extremely difficult to raise venture capital funding for solar hardware companies, but somehow Siva Power just raised $25 million for its thin-film solar manufacturing think-tank/retirement project for thin film technologists.

Siva closed this $25 million round to focus on building a pilot line and developing a solar module business -- with funding led by Jim Simons and Mark Heising, along with Jonathan Sheets.

Mark Heising is the managing director of Medley Partners. Jim Simons, a renowned mathematician, started the Medallion Fund, a wildly successful hedge fund. He's appeared on the Forbes top 100 richest people list and, until this investment at least, was called “the

Utilities are breaking away from traditional electricity products to offer customers access to large-scale renewable energy. Until very recently, utilities did not differentiate the sort of power they offered customers. With very few exceptions, everyone shared in the cost and used electricity from the same fleet of power generating stations.

But over the past four years, even regulated U.S. utilities have begun to offer new, large-scale renewable energy options to customers. World Resources Institute  (WRI) data shows that across 10 U.S. states, utilities now offer 13 green tariffs -- programs that let customers purchase large-scale renewable energy over the grid.

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