SolarCity spent its way to explosive growth, becoming America's top residential solar installer. But after it was acquired by Tesla, installations trailed off.

Now its chief competitor, Sunrun, is about to take a top spot in the rankings of third-party solar financiers.

In the newly released report, U.S. Residential Solar Finance Update, H2 2017, GTM Research predicts that Sunrun will overtake SolarCity as the top third-party financing (TPO) provider in the residential solar market by late 2017.

Right on cue

It's been a tumultuous year for the residential solar industry. Three of the largest installers, including NRG Home Solar, Sungevity, and

Post-Maria, the Puerto Rico National Guard clears debris from a road in Yabucoa.

Late last month, journalist Julio Ricardo Varela noticed a confusing discrepancy in how the Puerto Rican government was reporting electrical status on the online portal built to monitor the recovery post-Maria. 

Many writers had been reporting the website's figure labeled “AEE” -- for Puerto Rico’s Autoridad de Energía Eléctrica -- as the portion of the island that had the lights turned on. But on Oct. 26, that label changed to “AEE Generation.”

Ricardo Varela confirmed with Governor Ricardo Rosselló’s office that the percentage actually represented the portion of peak generating capacity the island was producing, with much

FirstEnergy's Bruce Mansfield coal plant in Shippingport, Pennsylvania.

In his inauguration speech, Trump promised that every decision "will be made to benefit American workers and American families."

In energy, the reality is very different.

Since taking office, the Trump Administration has attempted to systematically dismantle nearly every energy program with direct benefits to American consumers, from efficiency standards to weatherization programs for low-income families. (This doesn't include the the billions in cuts to advanced energy programs designed to make America an energy technology leader.)

This could have wide-reaching economic consequences. A tally of some of top programs on the chopping block, such as Energy Star and appliance standards, shows that consumers will

Can Sunverge's new CEO help the company pivot toward a software-centric approach? 

This week, the behind-the-meter battery aggregator swapped out its chief executive as part of a shift in strategy. CTO Martin Milani is replacing Ken Munson, who co-founded Sungevity and served as president and CEO for nearly a decade. 

"After 10 incredible and intense years of building a market and achieving what most never thought possible with virtual power plants and energy storage, it's a natural time to transition the company over to new leadership to ensure its scale," said Munson in an email.

Milani, who calls himself a "software visionary,"

FirstEnergy's Bruce Mansfield coal plant in Shippingport, Pennsylvania.

Department of Energy officials attended the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners’ Annual Meeting in Baltimore this week where they defended the agency's proposal to prevent the closure of financially troubled coal and nuclear power plants.

Sean Cunningham, head of the DOE's Office of Energy Policy and Systems Analysis, said in a keynote address that he is "confident" the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission will "dutifully consider and adopt a rule that will address price formation in the electric markets," Utility Dive reports

So far, members of the FERC have been hesitant to back the DOE's notice of proposed rulemaking, or NOPR,

A $300 billion campaign to replace old water lines pits plastic against iron

Replacing aging water lines will cost U.S. utilities $300 billion over the next decade, according to one industry report, and the prospect of big pay days ahead for pipe and hardware manufacturers has touched off a lobbying battle between the plastics and iron industries.

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Tesla is approaching the 9th level of production hell.

Elon Musk is breaking out his bag of pixie dust this week. Or, wait. Maybe it's a portal gun.

At Tesla’s semi-truck unveiling, which will be live streamed online this Thursday night, Musk he plans to “blow your mind clear out of your skull and into an alternate dimension,” using his “portal gun,” according to his latest tweet.

In that alternate dimension, Tesla’s difficulties -- its largest quarterly loss ever, its three-month Model 3 manufacturing delay, its propensity to spend a billion dollars a quarter, and the myriad of other worrisome financial metrics for the electric car maker -- are all

Sunrun increased the profitability of its rooftop installations last quarter, thanks in part to a higher share of storage deployments.

For a while there, leading residential solar installers had a one-track mind: they could grow or make money, but not both.

The national players opted for growth through the early 2010s, until the deferral of making money started to catch up with them. It took out Sungevity, at one time number three U.S. residential installer. It led to Tesla’s takeover of market leader SolarCity, and the brand’s subsequent erasure.

Sunrun still stands on its own, though, and it’s out to prove it can do two things at once.

"We're super bullish -- we love or market position," said

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