U.S. wind is blossoming, but transmission projects can't keep up.

A contested 780-mile Midwestern transmission line for wind, the Grain Belt Express Clean Line, may have another chance at life. A Missouri judge ruled recently that the state’s utility commission “erred” in denying the project, putting a final decision in the hands of the state Supreme Court.

It’s an important victory for wind developers and transmission advocates who say the blooming industry in America's “wind belt” can’t reach its full potential if transmission infrastructure doesn’t rise up to meet it.

“This is an argument as old as wind itself,” said Anthony Logan, a North American wind market analyst at MAKE Consulting. “When you have such a

The president said aggressive foreign trade practices are an

President Trump dealt a blow to the U.S. renewable energy industry Thursday in approving new tariffs on imported steel and aluminum.

Aggressive foreign trade practices are an "assault on our country," the president said, before signing a Section 232 proclamation that slaps a 25 percent tariff on imported steel and a 10 percent tariff on imported aluminum.

Factories have been left to rust, communities have turned into ghost towns, and U.S. national security has been undermined, said Trump. "Now we're finally taking action to correct this long-overdue problem."

While steel company CEOs say tariffs will bring back American jobs, numerous trade experts, industry

An Australian lithium mine.

Lithium Australia last month became the latest in a growing list of mineral extraction firms to branch out into battery manufacturing.

The Perth, Western Australia-based lithium company announced acceptance of an offer for 99.7 percent of the Very Small Particle Company (VSPC), an Australian firm that develops and produces nanoscale metal oxides for lithium-iron-phosphate electric vehicle batteries.

Lithium Australia said VSPC, of Queensland, had spent 14 years and AUD $30 million (U.S. $23 million) developing “the world’s most advanced cathode production technology for lithium-ion batteries.”

Lithium Australia will “expedite re-commissioning” of a VSPC pilot plant for cathode powder production and battery production and testing, “with a view

The new company, Centrica Business Solutions, is selling combined heat and power, solar, battery energy storage and standby generators, along with the software and services to put them to use.

Last month, U.K.-based Centrica announced it was joining the ranks of European utilities like Enel, Engie and EDF in seeking a piece of the North American distributed energy market -- with a little help from the fact that it also owns one of the continent’s biggest retail energy providers. 

The new company, Centrica Business Solutions, is actually a combination of acquired and home-built business units with significant existing market share in the U.S. and Canada. Backed by the promise of $910 million in investment through 2020 by its parent company, it’s selling combined heat and power (CHP), solar, battery energy storage and standby

A Canadian firm opens a factory to produce hemp insulation for the residential construction market

Two North American companies — one in Canada and another in the U.S. — have started producing insulation for residential construction from locally sourced hemp fiber, giving builders an alternative to fiberglass, plastic foams, and other more conventional materials.

European builders already have access to hemp insulation, but in the U.S. availability has been limited. Some builders here have tinkered with a mix of hemp fibers and lime called "hempcrete," but the wide-scale use of industrial hemp has been stymied by U.S. law.

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President Trump has promised to help the U.S. coal industry make a big comeback. To do that, his administration is looking to go small. 

The Department of Energy specifically plans to establish competitive funding opportunities for small and modular coal-fired power plants, according to a top agency official. 

“If we’re successful with these small modular coal plants … that could be a paradigm shift,” Steve Winberg, assistant secretary for fossil energy at the DOE, told Axios this week at an energy conference in Houston.

The number of operating coal plants in the U.S. has been on a steady decline

Notable company brands are disappearing due to a spate of acquisitions.

Start a company, pick a name and make it big -- that's the entrepreneurial dream.

But success more often comes in the form of acquisition, at which point the company's identity can vanish.

That has happened several times already this year, as recent corporate acquisitions proceed with their integrations. 

Changing the name and its various manifestations -- building signs, business cards, company swag -- carries with it a sense of loss.

"There’s nostalgia with those things, and there’s a lot of history and good times," said Mark Triplett, COO at storage developer Green Charge, which recently became Engie Storage.

But the

As Puerto Rico moves toward recovery, local academics feel their views have been left out.

At an early December listening session hosted by Puerto Rico’s federally appointed fiscal management board, University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez professor Marcel Castro Sitiriche was set to testify on the island’s education system. 

Castro Sitiriche, a professor of electrical engineering, was there on behalf of his campus’s professors association. As he stood among the crowd gathered at the Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House in New York City, he spoke about the future of his university, but he also criticized conflicts of interest he perceives among members of the fiscal board. 

Rather than endure Castro Sitiriche’s remarks, he said meeting managers simply turned off his microphone. 

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