Despite a handful of gigawatt-scale players, the third-party asset manager landscape is very fragmented.

According to GTM Research and Solichamba's new report on the topic, the top 25 third-party asset managers account for 15.6 gigawatts of managed capacity. In comparison, the top 25 investors hold 26.9 gigawatts of net capacity (corresponding to 31.8 gigawatts of gross capacity).

This gap in scale reflects the fact that third-party asset managers usually serve clients with small to mid-size portfolios, while the largest investors usually self-perform. Only the top 11 service providers managed more than 500 megawatts of solar assets in operation at the end of 2016.

Utilities haven’t traditionally had to consider the vagaries of consumer behavior as a big part of their grid investment and power procurement plans.

But with the rise of customer-owned solar PV, plug-in electric vehicles, demand response, behind-the-meter batteries and other distributed energy resources (DERs), leaving the customer out of the equation is no longer an option -- at least, not for the Sacramento Municipal Utility District. 

In fact, the utility projects that its customers and third-party companies are financing around $150 million to $200 million per year on distributed energy today. That’s more than what SMUD spends on all the utility-scale solar and wind energy it's

The Comfort Block combines concrete block and EPS insulation into a 16-inch thick package

A Maine-based concrete block manufacturer, Genest Concrete, has developed an insulated block combining concrete and expanded polystyrene. The blocks are designed to be assembled with a thin layer of adhesive rather than conventional mortar.

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The Suniva Trade Case: A Doomsday Scenario for America’s Solar Industry?

Here we go again. America's solar industry is in the midst of yet another trade dispute.

In this week's podcast, we look at the potential consequences for solar businesses upstream and downstream.

Last week, the U.S. government officially accepted Suniva's request to review the impact of imported cells and modules on domestic solar manufacturers. If trade officials request tariffs and minimum prices at the levels suggested by Suniva, it could set industry equipment pricing back to 2012 levels and installed system pricing at 2015 levels.

A lot of planned utility-scale solar projects would be destroyed. And a number of states would be

Trump’s Promise to ‘Renegotiate’ the Paris Climate Deal Is Pure Political Theater

We all just became actors in Donald Trump’s reality TV show. After an elaborate tease over the Paris climate deal in recent weeks, the president finally revealed that he’s walking away from the historic agreement.

Soon after Trump’s speech, world leaders issued bold statements: It’s not going to happen. There is no renegotiation process. The deal is the deal. 

Then local officials spoke up. It didn’t take long for dozens of U.S. mayors and governors to adopt the targets set by the climate accord.

And then the corporate fallout started. Already, Elon Musk and Disney CEO Bob Iger have

An enthusiastic solar volunteer recently asked me: “What can I invest in to prepare for the next financial crisis?”

The situation made the question deeply ironic. The woman asking me was trying to help people invest in solar systems through Solarize, a nonprofit, community-sponsored group buying and discount program. Our town of Marbletown, New York and the neighboring towns of Rochester and Olive have just launched Solarize Rondout Valley, a campaign open to residential and commercial building owners in Ulster County.

Solarize campaigns are designed to make it easier and cheaper to go solar. While defensive stock market investments are my specialty, I

The US Is Leaving the Paris Climate Agreement and Will ‘Cease All Implementation’

President Trump announced today that the U.S. will withdraw from the Paris climate agreement. 

"The United States will withdraw from the Paris climate accord," the president said to cheers at a press conference at the White House this afternoon. He added, however, that the U.S. "will begin negotiations to re-enter the Paris accord, or an entirely new transaction, on terms that are fair to the United States."

The announcement today will have immediate effects. Trump said the U.S. will "cease all implementation" of the deal, which includes ending national contributions and stopping payments to the Green Climate Fund. 

For many, the decision is a

Executives From Apple, Exxon and Tesla Rally to Bring Trump ‘Back From the Brink’ on Climate Deal

The world's biggest energy, industrial and tech companies are making a last-ditch effort to convince Donald Trump not to walk away from the Paris climate agreement.

In the last 24 hours, executives from the most influential corporations representing nearly every corner of the global economy -- including Apple, Berkshire Hathaway, Google, DuPont, Exxon, Monsanto and Tesla -- have lobbied the White House over the issue through phone calls, letters and social media. 

According to Bloomberg, Apple CEO Tim Cook personally called the White House yesterday to press Trump on staying in the landmark accord. 

The Financial Times reported that ExxonMobil CEO

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