The bells are tolling for the Danish oil and gas industry, and they sound like Dong.

Denmark's largest power producer, Dong Energy, agreed to sell its complete upstream oil and gas interests to global petrochemical manufacturer INEOS for $1.05 billion plus contingent payments, concluding an effort announced in October. 

This marks an existential reversal for Dong, whose very name abbreviates Danish Oil and Natural Gas. The Danish state created the company in 1972 to extract fuels from the North Sea. A few decades down the road, Dong moved into electricity production, and renewable generation in particular. Meanwhile, oil and gas drilling in the North Sea became

With two grid-scale batteries newly in place, Arizona Public Service is learning the elements of energy storage operation that you can't read in a book.

The utility is using the pair of 2 megawatt / 2 megawatt-hour lithium-ion battery systems from AES to test how the technology performs in the desert climate of the greater Phoenix area, where summer temperatures routinely crest 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Advancion systems have been inserted into a distribution grid that has seen rapid uptake in distributed solar generation as a result of the Solar Partner Program, which places APS-owned PV modules and smart inverters on

Imagining the Future of Residential Solar (and Storage) With Sunrun CEO Lynn Jurich

Sunrun is now the largest standalone solar company in the U.S. And as a public company, it faces increased scrutiny of its solar services model from investors who are skeptical about residential solar conditions.

On stage at the Solar Summit, we talked about some of the immediate challenges -- investor sentiment, customer acquisition costs, and streamlining installations -- that Sunrun is grappling with. (Squared subscribers can watch every single session.)

After that session, we whisked Jurich into a back room for a podcast interview about Sunrun's long-term outlook. We asked about the role of solar as a grid resource, the

The ongoing trade battle between the U.S. and Canada is making it more expensive to build houses, but opinions differ on exactly how much

An ongoing trade battle between Canada and the U.S. over softwood lumber has pushed up the cost of building a typical single-family home by several thousand dollars, according to the National Association of Home Builders, and prices could be going higher yet.

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Q&A: The State of Clean Energy With David Hochschild of the California Energy Commission

David Hochschild knows a thing or two about renewable energy.

Hochschild currently serves on the California Energy Commission (CEC), the state’s primary energy policy and planning agency. Prior to being appointed to the commission, Hochschild served as a special assistant to San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown in 2001, where he launched a citywide $100 million initiative to put solar panels on public buildings.

He went on to co-found Vote Solar and served as executive director of a national consortium of leading solar manufacturers. He worked for five years at Solaria, a solar company in Silicon Valley. And he served as a commissioner at the San Francisco

The Real Trump Budget Question: What Role Should Government Play in Commercializing Cleantech?

President Trump released his 2018 budget request this week that gutted dozens of clean energy and environment programs. Lawmakers from both political parties have already condemned the plan, which means the budget debate is only just getting started. 

In our latest GTM live video, Democrat and Republican energy policy experts Brandon Hurlbut and Shane Skelton delve into how Trump's budget is likely to play out in Congress, and how it could actually give Democrats more leverage. Plus, we debate a core issue here: What role should the government play in supporting clean energy technologies?

We also look at how the

California’s Grid Faces an Existential Crisis. What Kind of Market Reforms Will Solve It?

California released a white paper last week documenting the stunning decline of the customer base for investor-owned utilities in the state. Meanwhile, the state is facing more and more curtailments, negative electricity pricing, and, on top of it all, a looming solar eclipse. What can we learn about market design from the nation’s solar leader?

Then, getting to terawatt-scale PV. Researchers and policymakers are getting serious about thousands and thousands of gigawatts of solar in the coming decades. And they’re asking some hard questions about market design. What does the world look like under that scenario?

Finally, we'll end with a fast cycle

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