After a year of 15 percent contraction from 2016, the residential sector will remain flat through 2018, according to the latest U.S. Solar Market Insight Report from GTM Research and the Solar Energy Industries Association.

Many in the solar industry have framed 2018 as a year of reset after uncertainty from tax reform, Section 201 tariffs, and state-level policy changes caused a shock to the industry’s growth. While a flat year is better than a decline for the industry, the challenges in the residential sector indicate developers and installers have not entirely overcome the growing pains. 

“Coming off a year in which we

California cities are leading the way to an all-electric future.

Governments looking for ways to slash fossil fuel use and meet their greenhouse gas reduction goals are turning to their increasingly carbon-free grids to decarbonize buildings.

The Board of Supervisors in Marin County, California, recently approved energy efficiency updates to its green building requirements that include provisions providing a compliance pathway for all-electric buildings. The updated standards apply to new buildings in unincorporated areas of the county.

In an interview, Alice Zanmiller, sustainability planner with Marin County’s Community Development Agency, said the move to encourage all-electric buildings is directly connected to the increased availability of renewable electricity in the county.

The Department of Energy is taking solar to a different level.

Coal has taken center stage publicly within the Trump administration. But solar is the real innovation star behind the scenes. 

This week, we're talking with Charlie Gay, the director of DOE's solar technologies office, about all the activity happening in the agency.

We'll discuss the solar power plants of the future: advances in power electronics; the normalization of energy storage; new ways to value and distribute solar electrons; and integration with the internet of things in buildings. We'll also discuss the winning politics of PV in Washington.

This podcast is supported by Wunder Capital, the easiest way to invest in large-scale solar energy projects across the

After congressional approval of the 45Q tax credit for Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) in February, it signaled a revival of support for the technology.

Later that month, a group supporting the use of CCS expanded and broadened its focus, renaming itself the Carbon Capture Coalition. It pledged to push for further legislation.

In April, energy heavyweights came together to form a coalition called the Energy Advance Center “to promote the energy industry’s interests in issues related to carbon capture and storage.” 

Then, last week, bipartisan legislation referred to as the USE It Act, which supports research for the technology, passed

An investigation is still ongoing into the Tubbs fire, the largest of last year’s deadly blazes.

California fire investigators have blamed Pacific Gas & Electric for failing to clear trees and brush from around power lines that sparked eight wildfires that tore through Northern California last fall, adding to the list of potential financial liabilities threatening the utility. 

Friday’s report from the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire) assigns blame to PG&E for some of the wildfires that devastated Northern California's wine country last year, killing 44 people and leading to more than $3 billion in insured property losses. 

But it did not include any findings on the Tubbs fire, the largest of last year’s deadly blazes,

Investors have called on the G7 to phase out coal generation all together.

Climate change was on the list of top issues to address at the Group of Seven summit last weekend, but it was not a priority for U.S. President Donald Trump.

Trump skipped the G7's discussion on global warming and refused to support joint statements from the six other participating nations reaffirming their commitment to the Paris climate accord — which Trump announced he plans to abandon one year ago.

In response to the leadership vacuum left by U.S., corporations continue to step up their efforts to combat climate change and boost investments in low-carbon energy resources. 

Large-company CEOs have rushed to

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