Though scant on details of what a transportation overhaul might look like, the Green New Deal — really a framework designed to lead more specific policy proposals — has already caused a partisan stir around what a remade and more just transit system might look like. 

The resolution released last week from Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Ed Markey is, at its core, an outline to transition towards an environmentally-friendly and just economy. Transportation makes up just one part. Politics are stacked against the deal, and it’s unlikely to pass the Republican-led Senate. But experts in the clean transportation space say it could serve as a vision

The Green New Deal plan is out, and we’re suddenly having a national conversation about climate change again. It’s also injecting some early drama into the presidential primaries.

We’re digging into the plan. We’ll tell you what’s in it, assess the reactions, and look at whether it will amount to anything. Also: is the democratic-socialist agenda antithetical the “creating climate wealth” framing — or complimentary?

Then, recycling is in crisis. You’re probably recycling wrong. China is cracking down. And your city is probably losing money. We’ll ask how to address it.

Finally, lab-grown meat and meat alternatives are facing a backlash from the meat

Pacific Gas & Electric filed its state-mandated 2019 wildfire safety plan last week. The $1.5 billion to $2 billion plan proposes to clear vegetation, inspect power lines, install sensors and cameras, and otherwise invest in efforts to prevent a recurrence of the deadly wildfires that pushed the Northern California utility into bankruptcy.

But perhaps the most controversial part of PG&E’s plan (PDF) is to dramatically expand the scope of planned grid outages, which are intended to preempt the risk of its grid sparking more deadly wildfires this summer, and the disruptions and dangers those blackouts could cause. 

PG&E didn’t specify how

Shell will acquire German startup sonnen, staking a claim on the home energy storage market and further expanding its ever-increasing footprint in the clean energy industry.

Sonnen distinguished itself in the early home storage market, with thousands of units deployed across Germany, and a notable presence elsewhere in Europe, the U.S. and Australia. Besides storing solar power for homeowners, sonnen aggregates its installations into controllable networks of grid resources.

It would be hard to overstate the opportunities that arise from teaming up with a global energy giant. Shell manages a full stack of energy services, including generation, trading and customer relationships. It could integrate

The Tennessee Valley Authority has voted to close a coal-fired power plant that President Donald Trump took to Twitter to defend this week, yet another statistic in coal’s losing economic battle against natural gas and renewable energy alternatives, even in the heart of coal country. 

At a Thursday meeting in Nashville, Tenn., board members of the New Deal-era federal power agency voted 5-to-2 to approve a staff plan to close the last remaining unit of the Paradise Fossil Plant by the end of next year. The vote came despite objections from the community, as well as the Republican-led state legislature, governor and congressional

Two of Texas’ most innovative grid edge organizations have teamed up to demonstrate that electric vehicles can help to integrate distributed energy resources and manage the grid.

Last week, Pecan Street Inc., an Austin-based energy research organization, and the publicly owned electric utility Austin Energy launched what they say is Texas’ first grid-tied vehicle-to-grid (V2G) research and testing center.

The project is part of a larger Austin Energy research program called SHINES (Sustainable and Holistic Integration of Energy Storage and Solar Photovoltaics), which aims to optimize the integration of distributed energy resources, inverters, and smart controls on the grid at utility, commercial

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