Imagining the Future of Residential Solar (and Storage) With Sunrun CEO Lynn Jurich

Sunrun is now the largest standalone solar company in the U.S. And as a public company, it faces increased scrutiny of its solar services model from investors who are skeptical about residential solar conditions.

On stage at the Solar Summit, we talked about some of the immediate challenges -- investor sentiment, customer acquisition costs, and streamlining installations -- that Sunrun is grappling with. (Squared subscribers can watch every single session.)

After that session, we whisked Jurich into a back room for a podcast interview about Sunrun's long-term outlook. We asked about the role of solar as a grid resource, the

US Wind Adopts a ‘New Attitude’ to Confront a Looming Downturn

Wind works. That's the overarching message -- and the Twitter hashtag -- at the American Wind Energy Association's annual Windpower conference and exhibition this week in Anaheim, California.

The industry has followed through on its promises, said AWEA CEO Tom Kiernan in his opening remarks on Tuesday. Wind companies said they could reliably add more wind to the grid, and now five U.S. states are delivering more than 20 percent of their electricity by wind energy year round. At times last year, ERCOT and the Southwest Power Pool delivered more than 50 percent of their electricity from wind. 

With a stable tax policy, the industry boosted

Q&A: The State of Clean Energy With David Hochschild of the California Energy Commission

David Hochschild knows a thing or two about renewable energy.

Hochschild currently serves on the California Energy Commission (CEC), the state’s primary energy policy and planning agency. Prior to being appointed to the commission, Hochschild served as a special assistant to San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown in 2001, where he launched a citywide $100 million initiative to put solar panels on public buildings.

He went on to co-found Vote Solar and served as executive director of a national consortium of leading solar manufacturers. He worked for five years at Solaria, a solar company in Silicon Valley. And he served as a commissioner at the San Francisco

The main output from Elon Musk's solar roof, so far, has been news articles, rather than, say, electricity.

GTM reporters and a slew of guest contributors have investigated the price, technology and necessity of Tesla's proposed integrated solar roof. Some have suggested it could change the way homes are built and powered. Others have claimed that it's just a cynical marketing ploy to take the heat off of SolarCity and give Wall Street a product it might understand.

But another possible result of Tesla's marketing campaign is that it activates entrepreneurs to

California’s Grid Faces an Existential Crisis. What Kind of Market Reforms Will Solve It?

California released a white paper last week documenting the stunning decline of the customer base for investor-owned utilities in the state. Meanwhile, the state is facing more and more curtailments, negative electricity pricing, and, on top of it all, a looming solar eclipse. What can we learn about market design from the nation’s solar leader?

Then, getting to terawatt-scale PV. Researchers and policymakers are getting serious about thousands and thousands of gigawatts of solar in the coming decades. And they’re asking some hard questions about market design. What does the world look like under that scenario?

Finally, we'll end with a fast cycle

PJM’s Latest Capacity Auction: A Tough Market for Nuclear and Demand Response

PJM, the entity responsible for transmission grids from the mid-Atlantic coast to the shores of Lake Michigan, just closed its first auction for grid resources under its new capacity performance regime. The results are bad for both demand response and some nuclear power plants. 

PJM announced Tuesday that its Base Residual Auction for capacity for the 2020-2021 period cleared a price of $76.53 per megawatt-day, well below the prices of $80 to $100 from last year’s auction. Capacity prices were higher in more congested or heavily populated parts of PJM’s territory. But with the exception of its Eastern Maryland region, they were lower than

Empower Reveals a ‘Unified Platform’ for Home Solar-Plus-Storage Systems

Power electronics maker Empower Micro Systems is aiming to make home solar-plus-storage simpler by cutting the amount of equipment that people need to install.

Its new Genesys 8K modular smart home energy platform is made up of just two components instead of a minimum of eight offered by competitors.

“Where we’re really focusing is to have a unified platform, from a power electronics point of view, that can be applied to residential solar as well as having a modular and scalable system for energy storage,” said Mika Nuotio, Empower’s CEO. 

The Genesys 8K is designed to address the fact that each residential solar-plus-storage installation

President Macron’s Pick for Energy Minister Will Be Good for Renewables, bad for Nuclear

In the wake of presidential elections, France’s growing renewables industry could benefit from the appointment of an environmental activist to head energy policy.

Emmanuel Macron, who enjoyed a landslide victory in France’s May 7 elections, has appointed nature documentary maker Nicolas Hulot as Minister of Ecological and Solidary Transition, in charge of the Ministry of the Environment, Energy and Marine Affairs. 

Hulot, a former press photographer who rose to fame on the back of environmental documentaries such as Ushuaïa, le magazine de l'Extrême, has been critical of France’s dependence on nuclear energy. 

News of his appointment resulted in a seven-point drop in share price

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