Over the next 15 years, the American auto industry will face a death spiral of epic proportions that will lead to plummeting demand, cratering profits and slumping sales. Car dealerships and sales of traditional gasoline-powered cars will both evaporate.

Those findings are delivered by a research report released earlier this month from analyst firm RethinkX, co-founded by analysts Tony Seba and James Arbib. RethinkX prides itself on reading the tea leaves on how truly disruptive technologies -- like cellphones and solar panels -- can be on incumbent industries.

The report says that in 2021, when the authors predict that automated vehicles will be approved

The bells are tolling for the Danish oil and gas industry, and they sound like Dong.

Denmark's largest power producer, Dong Energy, agreed to sell its complete upstream oil and gas interests to global petrochemical manufacturer INEOS for $1.05 billion plus contingent payments, concluding an effort announced in October. 

This marks an existential reversal for Dong, whose very name abbreviates Danish Oil and Natural Gas. The Danish state created the company in 1972 to extract fuels from the North Sea. A few decades down the road, Dong moved into electricity production, and renewable generation in particular. Meanwhile, oil and gas drilling in the North Sea became

Funding Roundup: Off-Grid Power Controls, and Smarter Energy for Home and Business

Making microgrids operate more efficiently can rightly be considered a clean technology innovation, even if the technology is largely being put to use in the oil industry. That's what Houston-based FlexGen Power Systems is known for, and what the company recently raised a funding round to do.

Flexgen, a startup that makes power conversion devices and the software to stabilize islanded power grid generators, has raised $2.65 million of a $7 million funding round, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

FlexGen last raised money in 2015, when it landed a $25.5 million Series A investment led by Denver-based Altira

The ongoing trade battle between the U.S. and Canada is making it more expensive to build houses, but opinions differ on exactly how much

An ongoing trade battle between Canada and the U.S. over softwood lumber has pushed up the cost of building a typical single-family home by several thousand dollars, according to the National Association of Home Builders, and prices could be going higher yet.

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