Trina Solar said Monday it will turn its partnership with Spanish tracker company NClave Renewables into a full-blown purchase.

The acquisition of NClave marks the first time a Chinese company has purchased a solar tracker producer not based in China, a nod to the globalization of the tracker market. According to GTM Research, the market has become less concentrated, with the top-four vendors responsible for 64 percent of global shipments in 2016 as compared to 74 percent in 2015.

“Trina's acquisition is the latest in a long line of investments in the global solar tracker industry,” said Scott Moskowitz, a senior solar analyst at GTM Research.

The most energy efficient lightbulbs are harder to find in low-income communities.

One of the easiest ways for a household to save energy and money is to install energy-efficient light bulbs in as many sockets as possible. But, according to a new University of Michigan study, the low-income households that benefit most from these savings have a harder time finding CFL and LED bulbs than do households in more affluent neighborhoods. They pay more money for them, too.

For the study, a team led by Tony Reames, assistant professor at the School for Environment and Sustainability and director of the Urban Energy Justice Lab, canvassed 130 stores across Wayne County, Michigan, which encompasses Detroit

Scientists find evidence that a chemical phased out in 1987 is being manufactured again

Scientists have discovered that an industrial chemical once widely used as a blowing agent in foam insulation may be back in secret production, years after it was phased out as part of the 1987 Montreal Protocol.

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California’s recently approved solar roof mandate for all new homes came as a surprise to many people – even though stakeholders have been working on the rule change for roughly two years.

That’s likely because the California Energy Commission (CEC) passed the requirement earlier this month as an update to the state’s 2019 Title 24, Part 6, Building Energy Efficiency Standards. Not quite everyday reading.

“Building codes are a sleeper issue,” joked Kelly Knutsen, director of technology advancement at California Solar & Storage Association (CALSSA). “But if you get them right you can do some pretty cool stuff.”

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Kokam Shows Gas and Batteries Can Get Along

A hybrid storage project is showing batteries and gas plants can coexist, even as peakers elsewhere fight for survival in the face of battery competition.

The hybrid project, developed by Alinta Energy for a gas-powered microgrid at an Australian mine, involves a 30-megawatt, 11.4-megawatt-hour power battery plant from Kokam linked to a 178-megawatt open-cycle gas turbine.

The turbine, housed at the Newman Power Station, is in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, 737 miles north of Perth, and provides all the power for an iron ore mine operated by the mining giant BHP Billiton.

The station was built in 1996 and is

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